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So in a later chapter of Requiem, the original four end up having dinner in a very smart place and the formalwear shows itself! Who to draw first? 

3 deviants said Chartelle
2 deviants said Yumiko
2 deviants said Sonny
1 deviant said Roisin
No deviants said (I know Octavia is popular but there's a reason why she doesn't end up dining with them)



Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United Kingdom
Fedora-wearing mafioso enthusiast with an interest for quirky animation and video games. May make you an offer you can't refuse.

My current fandoms: Urban Rivals, Strange Hill High, Shin Megami Tensei/Persona, Saints Row, Pokemon.

Original concepts: Colorose, Requiem and Colonel Cupid.

Same Journal, But Now Away

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 23, 2014, 1:28 AM
Edit: Since I have no meeting in the evening tomorrow, I'm away from tomorrow. There's a furmeet on Saturday and I'm spending time at Andrew's until Wednesday. Toodle-oh, look after yourselves ^^


First of all, the Magical G inferior feels are returning with a vengeance. Had to listen to the Yomotsu Hirasaka music from Persona 4 so much last night and it didn't work, I still feel like crap after a night's sleep. People jumping on other people's chapters hot off the press again is what's done it. That and talk of concept rip-offs with Miss-Gravillian1992 and her friends last night....I honestly feel I'm in that category and people are too nice to say anything even when I ask if I'm a culprit. 

Anyway, fandom stuff. It's weird...I was getting all hormonal at Yaoi-Huntress-Earth before con about how I might be quitting the game and stuff because I felt I'd outstayed my welcome....and now I kinda wanna stop playing for the time being because the game has gotten so stale. New artwork on the initial home page before you log in isn't going to cut it, guys. We need a new wave of Lds and better decisons regarding game modes and experience- I was in the Lost Warehouse training room for the first time in years recently and I hated it. Yaoi, read this next part carefully- just because I'm barely playing or drawing stuff for the fandom right now doesn't mean I don't want to contribute to Mr Clint City this year. I still want to do that because it's partly one of my big things, goddamnit and no one is taking that away from me.

Also, Strange Hill High is just too fun a fandom to draw for or as Polkavata joked, the Mr Creeper fandom. I'm not that obsessed, woman...not yet, anyway ^^; :XD: Though I may do another of those renditions like I did with Little School of Horrors. 

Concept wise- Colorose may have to take a step back for a while due to Requiem, Colonel Cupid and the sushi concept having actual stories. Just as I set up a steady schedule, s'all. I plan to write a couple of paragraphs for the current chapter of each story every day, slowly but surely. 

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